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*  Risk management

*  Organizational Assessments

*  Program Evaluations

*  Cost-Benefit Analysis

*  Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

*  Pre-Audits for PREA & ICE compliance

*  Human Resource Issues

*  Security Procedures

*  Human Resource Issues

*  Security Assessments and Consultations.

Research & Program Evaluation Team


The Group provides social science and educational research, and program evaluations for corporations and government entities within the Southeast region of the United States. TGG will also consider providing these services for corporations and government entities located in other geographic areas on a case by case basis; both national and international locations. The Group also includes USDOJ Certified PREA Auditors who are available to assist in conducting mandatory audits for various adult institutions. Any and all PREA auditors are listed by state of residency on the Certified PREA Auditor List of the National PREA Resource Center (

The Group’s Profile

Our Trainers and Consultants Include:

— USDOJ PREA Auditors

— Educators

— Trainers

— Program Evaluators

— Practitioners within the Criminal Justice System

— Researchers - they analyze social and organizational issues.


Program Assessments

Providing Leadership & Guidance