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Primary Services:

In part, the Gala Group provides:

• PREA audits for jails, state and federal prisons, community corrections, and lockups. We provide PREA audits at competitive rates by trained and U.S. Department of Justice certified PREA auditors.

• P.O.S.T. approved in-service training in required subject matters, such as, multicultural training, 4th Amendment, ethics, communication skills, and more.

- In-service Training:

•  TGG has competitive rates with previously approved POST curriculums.

- Use of Force - Pyramid of Force

- 4th Amendment Requirements

- Interview & Interrogation (Custodial Interviews)

- Communication Skills

- Anger Management

- Stress Management

- Multicultural/Diversity Training for LEOs.

• Training for jail personnel conducted by Certified Correctional Trainers.

• Training for SROs in federal laws involving bullying.

• ICE pre-audits conducted for jails.

• Develop plans for cost-effective training for multiple agencies.

• Conduct organizational assessments involving program evaluations, and research using quantitative and qualitative research methods.

• Provide assistance to an agency or be the primary in conducting TASER user training.

• Provide security assessments for law enforcement organizations and private companies.

Experience with Multiple Facility Security Levels: