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Don T.D. Gala, Ph.D.,

   President/CEO, & Chief Research Consultant, USDOJ Certified PREA Auditor.

Clayton Kellum, M.S.,

   Vice President of Marketing, USDOJ Certified PREA Auditor.

Jerrold Brown, B.S.,

   Vice President of Human Resources and Chief Security Officer,

    (Pending Certification - PREA Auditor).

Oscar Brooks, M.S.,

   Chief Operating Officer, (Pending Certification - PREA Auditor).

Roland Ofodile, M.S.,

   Vice President of Foreign Markets




K. Rodriguez Gala, Chairperson of the Board

Dr. Don T.D. Gala, President/CEO

Oscar Brooks, Chief Operating Officer

Clayton Kellum, Vice President of Marketing

Jerrold Brown, VP Human Resources & CSO (pro tem)

S. Anita Smith, Secretary & Treasurer

Stephen Bosch, P.E. (FL & GA), Member

Gabriel Smith, Legal Liaison  (pro tem)

Note:  Members that are designated pro tem are non-voting members.