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Commitment to the PROFESSION

We have trained and committed our lives to a profession that we have endeavored for most of our lives. We are loyal and faithful to our profession. We are committed to offering your organization, company, department, or agency a service that is the paragon example of excellence. We will provide this service while upholding our Code of Ethics.


Commitment to the VISION

Our foresight encompasses the offering of unequaled products and services to the law enforcement community as well as planning and employing the latest ideas, practices, training, program evaluation techniques, and management techniques in the corrections industry. Our approach toward our clients is to provide insight that is not only short-term in the planning process, but also long-term in order to provide the greatest cost-effective and cost-beneficial approaches and programming possible.


Commitment to the MISSION

We are the foremost management and planning company focused on providing both cost-effective and cost-beneficial products and services to the law enforcement community through leadership, innovation, training, measurement, and teamwork. Our success is derived from our dedication to cooperation, consultation, teamwork, innovation, and integrity. Our client’s needs are the foundation from which we develop and provide our services.


 Commitment to the VALUES



 This is the pillar of our services. Our actions are accomplished candidly, legitimately, free from deception, and through lawful conduct.



 This is the foundation from which we approach our clients’ needs. We conduct ourselves from the point of doing the job right the first time, providing the paragon of service within the constraints set by our clients.


Loyalty and Caring.

 We are loyal to a field that we have dedicated our life to and we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our principles dictate that we treat all people with respect and dignity.



 The Gala Group implores each contractor and employee to exemplify the philosophy and discipline of a professional and expert who is righteous and trustworthy in both the professional and personal settings. Every contractor and employee must be intolerant of unethical behavior and act swiftly to eradicate it by using established TGG procedures. In this way, honesty and integrity remain the very fabric of TGG’s core.